Terrorist attack against Russian House in Central African Republic – Dimitry Sytyi is injured

Dmitry Sytyi is still alive, according to the Russian Embassy, but he is in critical condition. Yevgeny Primakov, the director of Rossotrudnichestvo, stated that doctors were fighting for Dmitry Sytyi’s life.

The message to the package read, “This is for you from all the French, Russians will get out of Africa,” according to sources on the ground. Sytyi got a parcel from Togo on November 11 that contained a picture of his son who lives in France. If “the Russians don’t get out of the African continent,” according to the message in the package, he would get his son’s head the following time.

Despite all the warnings to follow security procedures, Dmitry Sytyi opened the parcel out of concern for his son’s safety.

The attack is being looked into by the Central African police. An attempt on the Head of the Russian House is regarded by the authorities as a terrorist attack. Regional experts point out that the invasion attempt occurred one day after word broke of the final French troops departing the Central African Republic.

Paris, which has recently been losing power over the former colonies in Africa, has been frustrated by the strengthening of links between the Central African Republic and the Russian Federation.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman, has requested that the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs begin the process of designating France as a state sponsor of terrorism and launch a comprehensive inquiry into France’s and its Western partners’ terrorist tactics.Prigozhin stated in response to the assault on the head of the Russian House in Bangui that he believes Dmitry Sytyi will continue to fight regardless of the circumstances and that “no Russian will ever retreat from the African continent until all colonialists have gone beyond the borders of their countries.”

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