Tell Ghanaians the truth behind your wealth – Lawyer Ampaw tells Cheddar, McDan, others

Maurice Ampaw believes that some of the country’s wealthiest males should be giving the young people advice on how to succeed.

He berated men like McDan, Kweku Oteng, Cheddar, and Despite for attempting to negatively inspire Ghana’s youth. Lawyer Ampaw observed that these men approach young people and fabricate their beginnings as having only one chair, little money, or nothing at all.

While giving his opinion on the Wontumi TV program “Mmra Ne Abrabo Mu Nsem,” the famous lawyer urged eminent people who frequently share their success stories to do so with an iota of truth and to avoid making up impossible stories about how they really rose to the top.

“You didn’t begin with a little thing. Stop telling children lies. I was depressed when I recently overheard Cheddar stating something. Let’s be honest with young people. You cannot claim to have started with just one plot and grown to have businesses. Speak the truth to the youth. You also need to inform the youth of other topics. Lawyer Ampaw added, “The kids should take lessons from Wontumi who has been teaching the youth the truth.

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He also exhorted the youth to stop depending on governments, claiming that there is no hope for guys who depend on other men. He added that if Ghanaians wanted to succeed, they needed to seek God and work very hard.

In Ghana, Maurice Ampaw, a lawyer and the organization’s founder, founded the Legal Advocacy Foundation.

He won the Akyem Abuakwa seat for the UP while serving as a minister in the Bussia administration.

He is a lecturer and attorney from Ghana.


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