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Telcos begin deactivation of unregistered SIMs

Ghana’s Telcos have started blocking SIM cards belonging to mobile consumers who haven’t yet registered.

The exercise complies with the instruction given by the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization on November 11, 2022.

According to a statement from the Chamber of Telecommunications, beginning November 20 all subscribers who have only completed Stage 1 (linkage to the Ghana Card) of the SIM registration process but not Stage 2 (biometric capture), as instructed by the Ministry, have been denied access to data services.

Voice, Data (mobile phones, MiFis, and other data-providing devices), SMS (incoming and outgoing), USSD, Mobile Money services, and Emergency services are among the services that will be restricted.

The mandate requires that all subscriber SIMs that have not finished the biometric capture registration by the end of business today, November 30, 2022, be totally deactivated, according to the announcement.

However, the Chamber has urged all subscribers who have obtained Ghana Cards but have not yet finished Stage 2 (biometric capture) to do so right away.

The Chamber also vowed to support all parties’ efforts to make sure that every customer, no matter where they are in the nation, can register their SIM card(s) with the Ghana Card.


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