Teachers and lecturers in private schools take bribes the most – UNODC Report

The greatest receivers of bribes in Ghana are said to be academics and teachers in private institutions.

On a report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, this was created (UNODC).

In the UNODC’s investigation of bribery, instructors and lecturers in the private sector received a 9.6% rating, according to the report.

The next group on the list were private hospital physicians, nurses, and midwives, who were estimated at 7.6 percent.

Private sector security guards came in second with a bribery rating of 7.3%, and workers for insurance businesses came in fourth with a score of 4.1.

According to a UNODC report, private school lecturers and teachers are the most corrupt.

Other company personnel, who were evaluated at 3.7 percent and came in fifth, were ranked lower than bank employees, who were rated at 3.6 percent.

The Ghana Police Service came in first place among the top 10 bribe beneficiaries in the public sector.

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