Teacher arrested after ‘hiding’ missing teenager for 2 years

Authorities announced last week that a teacher is suspected of concealing a missing youngster who went missing more than two years ago and shown up at his family’s house in March.

According to a statement from the Rancho Cordova Police Department, Holga Castillo Olivares, 61, a California resident, was due to appear in court on Monday in connection with the disappearance of 17-year-old Michael Ramirez in June 2020.

According to the police, Olivares is accused of holding a child against their will with the intention of hiding it from their parents and encouraging child delinquency.

Michael Ramirez, a missing teen, was allegedly hidden for two years by a teacher, who was then jailed. via Facebook, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office
Ramirez went away during a dispute with his aunt, Katte Smith, who serves as his legal guardian, according to NBC affiliate KCRA.

Ramirez had just turned fifteen.

After the teen vanished on June 9, a thorough search was conducted, but it was unsuccessful, according to the agency. He “inexplicably” made his way back home on March 11 over two years later, according to the department.

According to KCRA, he spent the entire period residing at the residence of Olivares, the mother of a boyhood buddy.

Smith told the station, “You can’t just conceal someone’s baby and believe that’s OK.”

The Alice Birney Public Waldorf school, which is part of the Sacramento City Unified School District, was where Olivares worked, according to the police department.

She is listed as a second-grade teacher on the school’s website.

Requests for comments were not immediately answered by a district spokesperson. The district announced in a statement to KCRA that Olivares has been put on administrative leave while it looks into the claims.

The statement added that Olivares was arrested after her students were dismissed for the day and that the alleged acts were “unrelated” to her assigned tasks.

According to jail records, Olivares was freed on Monday. It was unable to get in touch with her, and it wasn’t immediately clear if she had a lawyer who could speak for her.

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