Tanzania welcomes 1000 people who have come to see some of Africa’s best tourist destinations

A cruise ship carrying 1000 passengers docked at the Dar es Salaam Port yesterday, giving Tanzania’s tourism bureau a field day.

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Traveling and sight-seeing on a cruise ship is referred to as cruise tourism. A luxury cruise is an all-inclusive vacation that lasts at least 48 hours and has a predetermined itinerary that includes stops at a number of ports and cities.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic-related airline limitations, this type of tourism has become more and more popular.

Tanzania, an East African nation, is no stranger to tourist visits because it is home to the lovely island of Zanzibar and other lovely tourist spots like the Serengeti National Park. However, cruise tourism is new to it.

As part of a 71-day round-trip in the Grand Africa Voyage, the Dutch ship, measuring 237.7 meters (780 feet) in length, which is owned by the Holland America Line, landed at the port of Dar es Salaam from Egypt.

The guests will spend four days in Tanzania, touring popular tourist destinations including Bagamoyo, Mikumi National Park, and Zanzibar, according to Amos Nnko, managing director of the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB).

“Apart from the tourists, the ship also carried 573 crew members, they will visit different historical sites and then go to Zanzibar on November 12 -13, 2022. Cruise tourism is a new product in Tanzania and that is a positive response to the government’s efforts to boost the sector’s recovery.” said Mr Nnko.

Mr. Mathew Anthony, the acting port director at the Port of Dar es Salaam, stated that the influx of tourists will undoubtedly bring in money for a variety of industries. He said that the money earned would be used to further improve the port in addition to the tourism industry.

Some people believe that large ships in ports are solely used for transporting cargo, but as of today, we have demonstrated the ability to accept large ships carrying passengers, particularly tourists.

The Zaandam’s 71-day round-trip Grand Africa Voyage costs as little as $11,799 (Sh27.51 million) for twin occupancy, according to online booking sources.

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