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Takoradi: Self-styled Mallam sentenced to five years in prison for defrauding a businesswoman of $10,000.

A 49-year-old self-proclaimed 'Mallam' has been sentenced to five years in jail by the Takoradi Circuit Court for defrauding by false pretense in violation of section 131 of the Criminal Offenses Act 1960. (Act 29).

Ibrahim Adelove, the accused, is accused of defrauding Kike Rahim, a Takoradi entrepreneur, of $10,000 (GH77,000) under the guise of obtaining products from Togo.

The accused had previously defrauded the entrepreneur of a large sum of Ghana cedis in order to assist her in reversing some alleged life tragedies.

His Lordship presided over the court. Ibrahim was found guilty and punished to act as a deterrence to others by Michael Ampadu.

Chief Inspector Robert Yawson, prosecuting, informed the court that complainant Kike Rahim is a dealer in Takoradi who trades in spiritual scents and ointments.

In 2019, she approached Ibrahim Adelove, a self-proclaimed ‘Mallam’ from Kwesimintsim in the Western Region’s Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipality.

He went on to say that the accused skillfully made friends with the complainant in order to help her overcome her spiritual retardation.

Later, the accused confessed to the complainant that her own mother was the reason of her life’s backwardness and offered to assist her in breaking free from the bondage.

The complainant was duped by the self-proclaimed Mallam, who was able to extort a large sum of money from her.

The self-proclaimed Mallam persuaded the complainant to pay him money so he could buy her stuff from the Republic of Togo at a much lower price.

She agreed to the plan and provided the accused the equivalent of $10,000 in Ghana Cedis to acquire the things.

The accused was unavailable to be discovered after a week, and repeated phone calls to his phone were futile.

Later, he informed the complainant that the entire sum of money had gone missing while in route to Togo.

The businesswoman, on the other hand, refuted his accusations and demanded that he repay her money.

The defendant returned to Takoradi but refused to refund the money.

The complainant noticed the accused at Davi Ama Chop Bar in Takoradi on Wednesday, March 9 at around 5:00pm and raised an alert, which resulted to his arrest.

The accused acknowledged receiving the funds and admitting that he put them in a fuel business in Togo, which sadly failed.

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