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Suspected gay attacked in broad day light at Madina Market

Solomon Kuniba, who has been accused of participating in gay activities, was apprehended and beaten up by a group of guys who are known to be fighting LGBT groups in Accra.

Malam Mutawakil, the group’s leader, claims that Mr. Kuniba is on their list of sought-after gay men.

Our eyes are wide open, he declared, and we will murder everyone found complicit in this heinous deed.

Mawuli, who owns a grocery store close to the Madina Zongo crossroads, was present when it happened. He described how the group attacked the victim with wood, steel, and other dangerous objects.

He was defenseless until a few of the police who support the local assembly intervened. He was covered in blood.

He was warned, issued a police medical report, and directed to the hospital for care, according to the police.

The victim described how earlier threats and assaults forced him to leave his family for more than three months.

He gave an explanation for why he had to come out of hiding, saying, “I arrived to Accra three days ago; my wife called and informed me my son is not feeling well and I had no alternative but to come to help her take proper care of the boy.”

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