Support the E-levy to build additional roads, Ghanaians told

Paul Amaning, a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has urged Ghanaians to support the government's efforts to raise revenue from the electronic transaction fee to build additional roads.

According to him, the E-levy will enable the government to settle its debt obligations to them.

He said paying taxes should not be perceived as suffering but rather paying high-interest rates on loans puts a huge burden on the taxpayer.

Paul Amaning defended his stance that it is taxes that are used to undertake developmental projects including constructing motorable roads and building good hospitals.

“The road sector will get its fair share of the E-levy. All contractors owed by the government will be paid. A number of deplorable roads will be fixed when the introduction of E-Levy is because all contractors we owe will be paid. You are going to benefit directly from its implementation. No serious government will joke with its contractors,” he said on Wontumi FM.

“Once Ghanaians accept to pay the taxes I will support the demand for accountability for the E-levy [from the government] when the time is due. I won’t say I am an NPP member because when the E-levy is used to construct roads, I will be the one to benefit and when it is used to build hospitals, I will be the one to benefit and when it is used to expand secondary schools and basic schools…” he added.

In his view, Ghanaians should understand the government’s position and agree to it then they can subsequently hold them to account and request a list of all projects undertaken with E-levy.

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