Support Kirani Ayat amid copyright infringement allegations against GTA – Trigmatic tells creatives

Rapper Trigmatic has urged participants and stakeholders in the creative industry to stand for his colleague Kirani Ayat as he battles the Ghana Tourism Authority over copyright issues.

Trigmatic wrote on Twitter that anyone in the sector may have experienced this, making this situation potentially instructive for others in the field in the future.

Without respect to the truth of the matter, he remarked, “I expect to see creatives support @KiraniAYAT since this could serve as an excellent case study for many people in the present and the future.”

According to Trigmatic, “IP (Intellectual Property) and related difficulties are frequently taken for granted on this side, and our crafts will continue to be taken for granted as long as people are not held accountable for such offenses. Today, it’s one person, but tomorrow, it might be you.

He advised people to stop squandering potential and to compensate people fairly.

This comes after singer Kirani Ayat accused the Tourism Authority and Ministry of violating copyright.

President Akufo-Addo used video from his “Guda” music video in a tourist promotion published on his social media accounts.

Kirani Ayat expressed his displeasure at having his work used without his permission, noting that he spent money creating the film alone without assistance from anybody else and did not receive payment after it was utilized.

However, allegations that some of the footage utilized for the new tourist promotional video was stolen were rejected by the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA).

The Authority claimed in a news release that they legally acquired the video Kirani Ayat is claiming ownership of from a creative firm in 2019 as part of a project.

Samsal, however, denied authorizing the Authority to use a mood board, a sort of visual presentation or “collage” made up of pictures, text, and examples of various objects. The mood board contained Kirani Ayat’s film.

The company claims that the video reel they presented to the GTA just served as an illustration of the kind of content they want to create for the Authority in accordance with their agreement.

They added that the GTA did not utilize the initial video reel they produced.

Fuse ODG, who also criticized the Authority for exploiting his content in the video, feels that their rights were violated as a result of the Authority’s disregard for and ignorance of intellectual property.

“As a Company, we have upheld our commitment to our own goal, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Ghana’s promotion over the years, and we will do so going forward. There is no doubt that the government committed mistakes in this case, but maybe they can remedy them and make amends.

The singer expressed their desire that the GTA and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture will invest more in internal and external intellectual property education.

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