Strongman: My lover has threatened to leave me if…

Rapper Strongman has disclosed that Nana Ama, his girlfriend and the mother of his one and only kid, has threatened to break up with him if he ever responds to any subliminal shots from musician Amerado.

Strongman has recently been the focus of diss lyrics by Amerado in his rap tracks.

However, Strongman asserts that he is not obligated to respond to him and that, if he chose to do so, he would lyrically harm him.

He indicated in an interview that he will let the situation slip out of respect for his baby mom and the fact that Amerado is his junior in all facets of the profession.

“I’ve been hearing his gunfire for a long time, and I even foresaw it, so I’m not shocked it’s starting. It’s entirely typical. I don’t need to respond to him because no one makes fun of artists who are below them; you only vent your rage at those who are above you.

Strongman stated that if Amerado gains popularity and establishes himself as a financially successful musician, he could strike back.

It’s entirely typical. You would want to tackle the person who is in possession of the ball, exactly like in football. I am thus aiming higher in this situation rather than at those who would be considered to be my juniors.

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