Stranded Ghanaians in Dubai issue an SOS to the government.

Aproximately 500 Ghanaians are stranded in Dubai after being overcharged by numerous recruitment companies in Ghana under the guise of placing them in well-paying positions in the Gulf region.

According to reports, the cost for each of the stranded Ghanaian youth’s travel permits and visas ranged from GH 9,000 to GH 23,000.

Speaking to Adom News, they revealed that the recruitment firms paid travel and tour companies to sponsor the visa applications on their behalf. They also added that the visas obtained were short-term tourist visas that were only good for three months.

They claim that, contrary to the promise of a guaranteed employment, when they arrive in Dubai, a similar agent assumes over and demands an additional 3,000 dirhams to cover housing for one month. The job seeker is then left alone to start a job hunt.

As it turned out, they were forced to live with others in a tiny single room that could house up to 45 people at once because they were stuck in Dubai without jobs.

They consequently requested assistance from the government in getting back home.

Even though the stranded countrymen traveled to the UAE of their own free will, the government of Ghana stated that it is working with the UAE authorities to make the appropriate arrangements for their return to Ghana.

However, the Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Interior are acting quickly to deal with the activities of illicit travel agencies in the interim.

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