Stonebwoy: Times are hard, now I eat once a day

The Ghanaian dancehall act advises individuals to control their spending and aspirations to avoid becoming dissatisfied. In order to relieve stress, Stonebwoy says that individuals should also be grateful for their lives.

It’s not at all simple. I’m in the actual street, someone like myself. I must always have a denomination that I can really use. as though it were a must. Thus, I sense it. I’m aware of the process. Even at the top, life is not always simple. How many more people are there on the ground then? Stonebwy enquired.

“All I can say,” he said on TV3, “is that we need to be realistic with our spending and goals if we don’t want to wind up disappointed. Above all, we should be grateful that we are alive because, no matter how difficult things seem at the time, God always finds a solution.

The father of two also advocated for helping others through any sacrifice that can improve one’s life, according to a story by 3news.com.

Some people struggle to find even one meal every day. Every other day, they travel. So, if you truly cross individuals in this way, you can try your best. Once a day is when I form. I haven’t eaten, so. I’ll likely eat around 6:00 p.m. he said

Stonebwoy joins the chorus of Ghanaians and other celebrities who have been lamenting the country’s difficulties. Actress Yvonne Nelson criticized the President yesterday.

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