Stonebwoy set to release action-packed visuals for ‘Gidigba’

Release time for the film is slated for October 28, 2022 at 5 PM Ghana time.

Stonebwoy released the trailer for the film “Gidigba” through his numerous social media channels to raise interest before its release.

The images show a contented four-person household. The mother and son exchange a quick hug as they converse like a loving family.

The family is shown in the following scene pleading for their lives as a gun is pointed in their direction. In the end, the daughter witnesses the parents’ murder. The son, on the other hand, saw the event as he peered through a hole.

He seeks to exact revenge on his parents with the aid of a bunch of young guys after being hurt by their murder.

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Gidigba, a powerful blend of hip-hop, Afro-pop, and dancehall sound that was released in September 2022, established him as one of Africa’s most significant performers. On YouTube, the song has currently received 188,013 views.

He claims that “GIDIGBA” is what Stonebwoy followers want to hear from him.

It has a distinctive Stonebwoy quality, but it also has potential for the progressive audience we’re aiming for. In terms of the lyrics, I can wager on this song. Gidigba is a street phrase that means “solid & anchored” in the Yoruba language of Nigeria. Africa will be drawn to this. Phantom, a Nigerian song producer, produced the track.

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