Stonebwoy replies to Tinny (video)

After rapper Tinny attacked him during a recent radio broadcast after paying the latter’s debt, dancehall singer Stonebwoy has at last retaliated.

Stonebwoy believes Tinny’s response is clear evidence that he doesn’t like him.

Stonebwoy expressed his sadness after discovering Tinny’s video in an interview on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, explaining that he had never intended to slander him.

The “Therapy” hitmaker claimed he tried to buy off the promoter, Yaw Menkasa, to prevent him from giving any further interviews that would damage Tinny’s reputation. However, Tinny misinterpreted the entire situation.

When the promoter asked for more information, I responded, “We’ll leave the money with Don Tsegah so that you can come and get it. There are phrases you can use to demonstrate that you don’t want to take away the spotlight.

Stonebwoy stated, “I accidentally came across a couple that I wouldn’t retweet because it sounds somehow since we have followers who used these kind of things against artistes.

Stonebwoy expressed his sadness after witnessing the video: “I genuinely felt upset about it. I am aware that many people dislike me, but I don’t let it bother me. I’ve dealt with that rather frequently.

“I didn’t anticipate him calling me. His argument that I called him at that time is unconvincing. I’m not pinned to anything by it. What he thought and said about me on that particular day wasn’t anything I deserved. He and I have not recently interacted.

Stonebwoy claims that he continues to regard Tinny as a leader in Ghana’s music scene.

“I’ve always respected Tinny. despite being aware of his positions on a few issues. We still need to show them respect since they provided the foundation upon which we and future generations will be built. I want musicians to pay attention to that. It is imperative that you comprehend this.

Stonebwoy asserted that in the future, he must pay attention to minute details by getting to know individuals who genuinely love him.

“I simply needed to know that even though you could take it lightly, do so seriously. I was reminded that people don’t like you when you act that way. To be honest, I’m not sure if I will still want to collaborate with him.

“Forget if I’ve ever done you any good; I can’t remember. Nevertheless, I will make every effort to help everyone I can. In light of the fact that everyone on earth requires assistance, it wouldn’t stop me from being who I am. You don’t consume what you create. Ever notice a tree devouring its own fruit? Thus, the

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