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Stolen TV gets stuck on thief’s head (video)

Residents of Kakamega were horrified when a television set he stole from a businessman became stuck on his head.
The businessman was robbed and his belongings and money were taken, causing him to seek the help of a witch doctor to retrieve the stuff.
Soon after, one of the thieves returned to the crime site with a television, which he proceeded to put up at the residence where he is accused of stealing it.

Residents followed him in astonishment, bringing business to a halt.
Several people stated that stealing has been common in the community, indicating that the owner of the house was correct in his actions.

Some townspeople who came to attend the show claimed it was a ruse to get people to seek the services of the alleged witchdoctor.
After a series of rituals were performed on him by the witch doctor hired to recover the stolen things, the suspect was apprehended by police.

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