Some KNUST students were arrested after the Katanga and Conti hall incident

In order to help with the inquiry, certain Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) students who were part in the disturbances on Thursday, August 18, have been taken up.

During a march by some Katanga members, students from Unity Hall (Conti) and University Hall (Katanga) got into a fight.

Eleven people suffered injuries, while nine of the institution’s staff members’ vehicles were vandalized.

Students in the feuding halls would be taxed more, according to KNUST’s University Relations Officer, Dr. Daniel Norris Bekoe.

“I can state with certainty that pupils who are found guilty based on the films we have currently assembled will face harsh punishment. Nearly 25 persons have been identified as being our students thus far.

Some of the offenders are no longer students; they attended the school in the past. The cost of repairing all the damaged properties has been passed on to Unity Hall students.

“Vandalized staff members’ vehicles will be repaired and given back to them. The Unity Hall’s CCTV cameras and other property have been destroyed. The halls will be held responsible for all of this if they permit people from outside the school to participate in these atrocities.

When Unity Hall students objected to University Hall students using the sidewalk in front of their hall for a parade, a fight broke out.

Some school and private properties were vandalized as a result of the disruptions, which began on Thursday at 5 o’clock. This happened mainly in front of the union hall.

Following the violence at Mensah Sarbah Hall, hall rivalries have come under attention, which has led to the conflict at KNUST.

Around two weeks ago, Mensah Sarbah Hall and Commonwealth Hall students at the University of Ghana got into a fight.

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