Soldiers publicly removes military uniform on a musician

Theo Versace, a young singer from Ghana, had his military fatigues removed by some military personnel.

In a video, the army personnel could be seen removing the performer of his uniform.

When they saw the musician in army fatigues standing by his car, they surrounded him.

The musician was then instructed to remove his pants.

The singer then gave the soldiers his pants before hopping into his car and driving off.


In a statement dated Friday, July 1, 2022, the Ghana Armed Forces announced that they had started a series of drills to stop the illegal sale and use of military gear.

It results from their ongoing unauthorized use by some people and institutions.

The GAF claims that these actions “produce a sense of unease in the nation and damage the military’s reputation.”

GAF declared that it “will not permit this scenario to persist and would, henceforth, scale up the arrests of these persons and deal with them severely but in line with the proper process of law.”

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