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Soldiers on rampage as they attack church, pastor and colleague in civilian uniform

Since their acts have consistently brought the reputation of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) into disrepute, a few rogue elements within the institution have refused to let the name of the noble institution rest.

The most recent episode to tarnish the GAF name involved some troops who attacked a church, its pastor, and other members—one of whom was also a soldier—without cause.

The concerned troops, led by WO2 Anto Yaw George of Base Ordinance Depot (BOD), Burma Camp, Accra, and Cpl Kanor Daniel, Number 201814 of the Training and Doctoring Command, had gone to the Amasaman Achiaman Estate church (name withheld) to seek for a man they thought was in the church.

Our investigations have shown that the reason for their visit is related to a land dispute they had with the aforementioned man they were seeking for.

However, when they got to the church, the man in issue wasn’t there. The pastor offered to call him on his cell phone, but WO2 Anto launched his first assault by striking the phone out of the pastor’s hand.

As if that weren’t bad enough, a female churchgoer who also happens to be a soldier was smacked when she tried to stop the raging WO2 and her team of guys by introducing herself.

She insisted that she is a military member who works with the armed forces, but that didn’t stop these people.

The pastor then called the Amasaman Divisional Police Command to report the incident after realizing the nature of the attacks.

The car that WO2 Anto Yaw George and his crew used
The two soldiers and their civilian company sought to flee when they realized that the church had requested assistance from the police.

By closing off the highways until the police could arrive and apprehend the marauding band and transport them to the Amasaman Police Division, the church, however, prevented their escape.

According to insiders at the Amasaman police station, Cpl. Kanor, a junior rank, made another effort to flee while inside the building but was unsuccessful.

The pastor in question has also alerted the Military Police at Burma Camp about the actions of WO2 Anto and his company of men, which included both soldiers and some civilians. The case is currently being investigated at the Amasaman Police Division.

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