Sister Derby and her new boyfriend mock Medikal with lines from “Too Risky”

After a few months of dating, Sister Derby has moved on and is now seeing David Aboamoah. The two appear to be upbeat individuals who wouldn’t mind having a talk about Medikal, her “lovely ex,” in public.

The Ghanaian model recently uploaded a new video to social media in which she was seen cuddling up to her lover and listening to the song “Too Risky,” which she and Medikal co-wrote.

At one point in the video, her new lover asked for Medikal to play a part. Sister said to their friend who was filming them, “I go rap Medikal en part,” and “he (David) wants to trend.” David yelled the rap phrase “bor me din mom,” which Medikal employs in his songs, in that little period of time.

“I fit make it rain on them, wo bu fo I will throw the blame on them,” Sister Derby sang as she resumed the hymn. When David remarked that she knew the song verbatim, she said, “It’s my song too,” to him.

Since then, the couple’s video has been popular online, and social media users have been discussing it extensively. Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comment area.

In Ghanaian show business, Medikal and Sister Derby continue to be the most talked-about star duo.

The rapper and the Ghanaian media personality/model were both active between 2016 and 2018. The rapper revealed that he had started dating the actress Fella Makafui in September of that year.

Since then, the revelation has prompted a heated debate between Sister Derby and Fella Makafui about their differences and similarities, and it doesn’t seem like it will end any time soon. Now that they are wed, Medikal and Fella have a daughter.

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