Sista Afia replies Ayesem over ghostwriting allegations (watch)

The charges made by artist Aysesem that he created most of his hit songs for singer Sista Afia have now received a response.

She acknowledged that Ayesem’s assertion was true, but she also stated that they co-wrote the majority of the songs.

Ayesem appeared and declared, “He did, and I wouldn’t dispute that he contributed to the majority of the tunes. He is someone I consider family, so I really don’t want to talk about this,” she said on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM.

Ayesem previously said in an interview that because of their long-standing friendship, he had refrained from confronting Weather hitmaker about the situation.

“I made the decision to keep quiet about the situation since I considered her a sister. Sista Afia has a voice that I like. When it comes to singing, she is strong. I really wanted to be there for her since I’ve liked her since day one,” he claimed.

Sista Afia responded to Ayesem’s admission by labeling it as infantile and adding that she doesn’t see its significance.

She emphasized that since ghostwriting has long been a part of the music industry, Ayesem should contact her first if he wants to use her influence to advance his brand.

He’s performed this before. He told me he wanted to release a new song when we first met. He could have at least called me, protecting my reputation. We have performed a lot of tunes. Singlet, Corner Corner, and Weather I still haven’t even released some of the tunes. I first learned about this publishing business a year ago.

Sista Afia claims to pay everyone who works hard for her career, thus she was shocked to see Ayesem in the media.

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