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SIM Card registration: Telcos start blocking subscribers in phases

The country’s telecommunications firms (Telcos) have started blocking SIM cards from mobile consumers who haven’t registered their cards.

According to a recent directive from the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization, the exercise is in conformity. AirtelTigo, MTN, and Vodafone are the telcos.


“On November 11, 2022, the Ministry specified a number of actions that Operators must take. As instructed by the Ministry, starting on November 20th, 2022, our members have been limiting data services for any subscribers who have only finished stage 1 (linkage to Ghana Card) but not stage 2 (biometric capture) of the SIM registration procedure.

The Chamber encouraged all subscribers to finish stage 2 (biometric capture) before November 30, 2022 if they had already obtained Ghana cards.

The Chamber claims that the directive requires the telcos to totally deactivate all customer SIMs that have not finished the biometric capture registration stage by the specified date.

However, it emphasized that network users are not prohibited from utilizing voice, data, USSD, mobile money services, or access to emergency services, among other things.

By finishing the registration process, subscribers with Ghana cards can avoid this problem.

The Chamber stated that since the start of the SIM registration exercise, telcos have invested heavily in arrangements to ensure that subscribers who have their Ghana cards and are ready to register, get registered at any of the several touchpoints across the country.

“Please contact the NCA or your Mobile Network Operator if you need any additional assistance to complete the registration process. Once ongoing negotiations are over, we are optimistic that the sector Ministry and NCA will announce steps to accommodate people who legitimately do not have Ghana cards. Our members are still devoted to helping all parties involved in the initiative to enable every client, no matter where they are in the nation, to register their SIM card(s) with the Ghana card.

The Chamber also reminded all subscribers that on November 30, 2022, all network services for individuals who have just completed the first stage of registration will be discontinued.

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