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Court Takes A New Decision About The Taadi Fake Pregnancy Lady – Details Inside

Josephine Panyin Mensah Simmons, the lady at the center of the Takoradi fake pregnancy brouhaha has finally received good news after the Takoradi Harbor Court took a fresh decision about her case. She had been in custody since the past week after doctors confirmed that she was not pregnant. The police have also accused her of faking her own kidnapping.

She was subsequently granted bail after her first appearance in court but it was becoming difficult to raise the sureties to meet the bail conditions by her family. There were properties to secure her bail but they were all not meeting the requirement of the court. After days of being in police custody, there is finally good news for the lady.


Her lawyer, Philip Fiifi Buckman confirms in a telephone interview with BeaNana that the bail conditions have finally been met and the court has agreed to them by granting her bail. They luckily secured some properties and ensured that the Lands Commission had indeed confirmed the authenticity of the property and the court also accepted. The court finally decided that the lady, Josephine Panyin Mensah Simmons should go home and enjoy her freedom whilst the case is still pending.

She will be reporting From home to the court whenever the need be. Her family members, husband, and friends were in the court to ensure she is safely freed and return home. She appeared very weak due to the challenges she had gone through.


Her lawyer, Philip Fiifi Buckman is optimistic that his client will be freed by the court in no time. Now, Josephine is returning home after a long time. She went missing and later was found. She spent some days in the hospital and moved to police custody. Now is the time for her family to know all the truth about the case from her. They will be able to tell if the police lied against her or she lied to the entire family. She came out very weak, looking at the troubles she has gone through all the while. This is the right time for her to take a good rest at her house and tell her story.


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