Shocking as wartime love letters between commander and young woman is found in empty house

A quest for the family of the couple who sent them was sparked by the discovery of a bundle of lost love letters from the Second World War in an abandoned home.

A young woman in Blackpool, Lancashire, and an RAF officer stationed in Plymouth, Devon, corresponded through letters.

They span the years 1942 through 1946 and are replete with passionate passages about the couple yearning to be together once more.

The letters, some typed and others handwritten, were discovered in a closet in a recently sold unoccupied home in Reading, Berks, by Marie Copley’s surveyor husband.

They were traded by an Air Commander Frankie Clarke, who fought in the RAF during World War Two, and Miss Ronnie Stone of Leyton Road, Blackpool.

One envelope even contained some pressed flowers sent as a gift. Mrs Copley said: “They’re a really fascinating piece of history. From the dating of the letters it seems they can’t have been together too long.

“I’ve tried searching and I can’t find a marriage certificate and I don’t think they had children. They are so sweet.” Mrs Copley added:

“In one he says ‘All your movements that you’ve written about interest me and when you talk of the gardens my mind goes back to those happy days of Blackpool, which I’ll never forget’.

That’s all for now, my dear, he continues. Sincere love to you and best wishes for our reunification, Frankie.

In an effort to learn more, Mrs. Copley, who has a particular interest in World War Two, has now shared information about the letters with local historical groups in Blackpool.

They have since been shared hundreds of times, she claimed.

“I simply believe that I must attempt to return them to their family. They don’t truly seem to be mine, in my opinion. Their grandkids or children would undoubtedly welcome their return.

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