Shocking as 8-year-old twins are thrown out of window after being stabbed to death

Eight-year-old twins who were allegedly fatally stabbed at their home in Ireland were subsequently “thrown out the window” during a heated exchange with police as they attempted to reason with their perpetrator.

Early on Saturday morning, Christy and Chelsea Cawley, all 8 years old, and their older sister Lisa Cash, 18, all passed away in a residence in Tallaght, Dublin.

All three fatalities are thought to have been stabbed by the heinous triple murder suspect, who is thought to have known the family.

Now it is known that the 24-year-old knifeman allegedly hurled the twins out the top window following an altercation with armed cops who approached him from outside and tried to reason with him.

Their courageous 14-year-old brother, who escaped by leaping from a window and fleeing for assistance, notified them before they came, according to Dublin Live.

Lisa, the twins’ sister, was found unconscious at the foot of the stairs with suspected stab wounds; authorities believe the perpetrator may have also pushed or thrown her there.

According to sources, when police got at the scene at around 12.30am, they ordered a man who is known to all three victims to drop the huge kitchen knife he was supposedly holding.

It is said that the man was inside the residence, brandishing the knife, and preventing authorities from entering.

The man brandishing the knife raged at the brave officers who arrived on the scene as the armed standoff persisted for some time.

Officers pleaded with him not to injure the child any further as he was spotted handling one of the kids close to the house’s window.

Armed detectives and later members of the Armed Support Unit helped Tallaght Garda Station police attempt to save the kids. However, it is understood that by the time they gained access to them, they had already passed away.

It is believed that the attacker broke into the Tallaght home and rushed the twins, Lisa, and their 14-year-old brother with a knife.

According to sources, the alarm wasn’t raised until the 14-year-old jumped out of the residence’s window and rushed to another house nearby.

The man tossed Chelsea and Christy out of a window during the stand-off after they had already sustained severe stabbing wounds.

After firing non-lethal ammunition at the suspect, police were able to enter the home and find a man hiding in the attic.

As Lisa, the children, and their mother “Twink,” who had arrived at the scene, were being brought to the hospital, witnesses said they saw police “dragging” a man out of the house.

Yesterday, shocking video of the incident was shared on social media.

Screaming and shouting could be heard throughout the video, which showed police arriving on the scene.

At one stage in the video someone can be heard shouting “Don’t do it. Don’t f%%king do it.”

After that, more screaming and shouting can be heard along with the sound of breaking glass.

Someone can be heard telling a man in the window to “show us your f**king hands” in another video of the incident.

The suspect, 24, remained in Garda custody at Tallaght Garda Station as of last night.

The horrifying killings will now be the subject of a thorough murder investigation by detectives.

The 14-year-old boy who ran for aid and leaped out of the house needed to be hospitalized as well after sustaining major leg injuries in the fall.

Later, the mother of the kids, who wasn’t home at the time of the event, showed up.

Despite being unharmed, she nonetheless took her kids to the hospital. Officers said that she was later freed and that her family was providing for her.


State Pathologist Dr. Sally Anne Collis was scheduled to do postmortem examinations yesterday and today. According to police, they are not currently looking for anyone else.

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