‘She smiled as she grabbed my prick’ – Disappointed KiDi recounts sexual harassment from a fan.

KiDi has said that a female fan had abused him.

While discussing his scariest encounter with a fan, the reigning VGMA Artiste of the Year remembered how a lady grabbed his penis after seeking a selfie with him. He remarked, “She giggled and said she’d heard stuff about me.”
The incident occurred in public, according to the artist, when he attended a birthday party hosted by Twins Dnt Beg.
“I went to a birthday celebration; I wasn’t intending on performing, but my brothers were there, so I did a few of things,” he explained. “When I got down, this girl came me and said she wanted to take a picture with me.”

He proceeded by saying “I was like cool because I am a good man because she wasn’t from here (Ghanaian). She stood in front of me as she crossed to the side. I was gazing at her since she was taller than me, and she just grabbed my manhood. She smiled and said she’d heard rumors about me after that “,

The Ghanaian musician was chatting with Citi FM’s AJ Akuoko-Sarpong in an interview. “I simply walked away without saying anything. I had just gone, so her friends and other people I know came to apologize…we don’t talk about these things, but if it’s a male, they claim he enjoys it.

“What I present does not provide you with the opportunity to…

I’d like everyone to be courteous. There’s nothing wrong with expressing affection, but do so in a courteous manner. I will never approach a female musician I like and touch her improperly “”Touch It,” the singer stated.

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