Shatta Wale fires Blakk Rasta for saying he only uses his fans to enrich himself (Vidoe)

In an interview with Ghanaweb, Blakk Rasta claimed that Shatta Wale had failed to make a positive difference in his fans’ lives. He claimed that while his followers are living in abject poverty, the musician does nothing but boast about his pricey diamond and gold jewelry and act foolish.

You supposedly have a sizable following, but what are you teaching that following? It is about insults and fooling around everywhere, that is all that you are doing, Blakk Rasta said during the interview. “You have a lot of following, what are you doing with it? That is why I keep talking about Shatta Wale time and time again.

The “Melissa” hitmaker responded to this in an Instagram live session on September 20, 2022, and warned Blakk Rasta to stop continuously criticizing his brand.

He continued by saying that because God Almighty holds him in such high regard, he makes sure to deal with those who approach him without cause and urges him to repent of his terrible deeds.

“Blakk Rasta should change his ways because he is the one who calls God’s child a foolish and stupid boy and also talks about him for allegedly spending money anyhow. Blakk Rasta, you can’t show anybody anyhow, because someone can show you anyhow. I continue to act in the manner in which I came to say that he should change.

Shatta said, “I am a forking gift from God. I adore you people, but I am going to be coming here every time.

The long-standing animosity between the two began when the seasoned reggae musician complained that Shatta Wale treated him disrespectfully and showed no remorse after helping him establish his footing at the beginning of the latter’s career.

He added that his friendship with Shatta Wale soured when the dancehall musician gave him roughly seven of his songs to play on the radio but he only did so for one of them since he didn’t like the others.

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