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Sex releases stress in men than women – Medical practitioner

When the body is overloaded by daily activities, stress is nature’s response.

According to Dr. Hannah-Lisa Tetteh, a medical professional, the body reacts in particular ways to let you know when it is worried and exhausted.

She told Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning’s Good Living program on Tuesday that there are numerous things that might generate stress, but there are also many methods to deal with it.

Women don’t seem to equate emotions with sex the same way that men do, she claimed, despite the fact that sex may be a way for men to relieve stress.

“Yes, for guys. But typically, it only makes a stressed-out woman’s situation worse. Women who like having sex may find it to be a stress relief. When questioned about the advantages of sex, she replied that males may typically use it when they are anxious.

Social media, according to Dr. Tetteh, is a big source of stress for today’s youngsters.

The incapacity of the youth to be content with what they have and their desire to compare themselves to others are the causes of this.

She pushed the young people to embrace their own happiness rather than waiting for approval from others.

“Find a pastime or activity that you enjoy and value. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to relax and have fun, she said.

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