See how the oil boom in Uganda is increasing the demand for more skilled labor in the country

Uganda has started the process of preparing some of its inhabitants for this economic boom by planning to increase its oil production by 2025.

Last week, Sinopec Uganda started the screening process to provide qualified candidates with hands-on training in advanced fabrication and recruitment on the Tilenga project in Nwoya District.

There were 40 applications for the screening, and 10 of them were chosen for the welding positions. The remaining applicants would be assigned to other company positions, the corporation guaranteed.

Although many of the applicants grasped the basics of welding, relatively few showed that they had a thorough understanding of the highly standardized oil and gas business and advanced welding skills.

Welders of today are required to be skilled operators of communication devices, transportation vehicles, medical devices, weapons, construction machines, and other machinery. Nowadays, welding is far from the unintelligible, filthy work that many have previously believed it to be.

Although there is no scarcity of knowledgeable and talented welders in the nation, their lack of certification is the issue. Oil corporations have frequently been required to cover the cost of local welders’ tuition in order for them to complete advanced training programs at the 4G, 5G, and 6G or 6GR levels, respectively.

Currently, 12 certified vocational schools in Uganda offer training in various levels of welding.

The Tilenga project, run by TotalEnergies, was awarded the engineering, procurement, supply, construction, and commissioning tender by Sinopec, a well-known contractor company. Sinopec announced that they have mobilized seasoned foreign welders to ensure that local welders are taught standard welding techniques, supported by additional training and retooling.

The manager of Sinopec Uganda, Mr. Zhang Zongxin, stated, “We are employing local welders and will engage more during the course of project execution.”

In Uganda, Sinopec has a history of educating welders; just this year, 26 people were trained there.

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