Scary moment pastor was robbed at gunpoint during church service (Video)

A pastor in New York has made available video from a livestream of his church that shows a heist that happened during one of his sessions.

The pastor, identified as Bishop Lamor Whitehead, was addressing the congregation when a group of roughly five masked men rushed the auditorium.

They told the congregation members to kneel before robbing them of their possessions and money while holding a handful of them, including the pastor, at gunpoint.

Following the robbery, Bishop Whitehead revealed that the congregation lost jewelry totaling more than $400,000 in a self-shot video.

He continued by saying that his wife and he had also lost a significant number of money and other things.

He claimed that he knows enough about the suspects to identify them.

This is due to the fact that as they left the church following the robbery, he covertly followed their white Mercedes CLE vehicle.

Bishop Whitehead recalled that he took note of their swift change of attire in the automobile and removal of their masks prior to their departure from the area.

As he makes an appeal for additional information that might result in an arrest, the police have started an inquiry into the situation.

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