Sam George defends ex-gratia paid to Article 71 officeholders

The Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament, Sam George has justified the payment of ex-gratia to Article 71 officeholders in the country

The Chief Justice, the Justices of the Supreme Court, the Speaker of Parliament, and the President are all positions covered by Article 71.

The remainder consists of Members of Parliament (MPs), Ministers of State, political appointees, and public employees, all of whom get unique constitutional rights while receiving wages charged to the Consolidated Fund.

Sam George, commenting on the incident, said that the government owes the MPs a difference since their wages were not set when their term started due of this.

The NDC MP said on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana that the wages of the members of the 8th Parliament had not yet been decided.

According to him, the amount given to MPs at the end of their term seems huge in the eyes of Ghanaians, but the fact is that parliamentarians are rather losing because of the value of salary which should have been given to them months ago decreases with time. He said “A lot of ex-gratia talk is going on… people wake up and say all kinds of things about ex-gratia… 70 percent of the money paid to us (as ex-gratia) is salary differentials. As we sit here today, we don’t know our salary as MPs.

“I prefer that my salary is paid from day one because the bulk salary given to us has no value. In 2021, if you were to pay me GH¢10,000 at that time, that would have been $2000. If you pay me only GH¢7000 and you say you are accumulating the GH¢3000 which will be given to me at the end of the four years…that GH¢10 000 is no longer $2000; it is now $1500. So, I am actually losing the value of my salary thanks to the time value of money.”

“They (the government) will wait until the end of your term; then they will combine your salary differential (GH3,000) and add it to your ex-gratia amount (retirement benefit of MPs), which is what everyone thinks is ex-gratia (the total amount given to MPs at the end of their term), and then we will all take the heat for it because they have given us money, he continued. “But it is my own money that is being paid to me; the salary that wasn

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