Safashi Writes: The Peace I Never Had With My Conscience

The Peace I Never Had With My Conscience

Yesterday life was torturing me financially whilst I walk my way from the “Cocobod” to the ministries as one of my usual walks. I was only walking but trust me my body and soul were apart. They were reacting differently because in between my pocket and the kind of money I was counting in my mind, I would have wished the ones in my mind be transferred to my bank account.

Whilst I got to the Akosombo Textile Limited (ATL) building, I decided to walk and pass through the Accra Technical University for the sake of sound environment. This decision I took landed me in troubles that perturbed my conscience yesterday. The whole day was messed up. I was occasionally having heartbeats and nothing I could do about the whole situation.

When I got to Goil House, I met a very young boy with a knapsack at his back. He doesn’t seem like what he’s said. A very desperate young guy approached me the moment I appeared with my confused self. He was like “Boss man good morning. Right err, adey stranded and ano get any money for my side. Na adey go house wey adey hustle for car and my money loss so ano fit go house. If eii be 5gh sef or 3.50p sef abeg give me ago take board car go house” . At my usual critical look, this young man was very desperate for the money so I told him I don’t have what he’s requesting for. He turned immediately and met another young guy with the same l story but the guy left him. This guy was having iPhone 7plus and was saying he will take my contact if I give him the money. By looks, I felt he’s too desperate and I left with my confused self.

Just before I got to the ATU back gate, I met a gentleman and even though I was in nose mask and head bent, he called me out “Sefashi” as though he doesn’t know who he’s referring to, I turned and he was happy I was the one. He felt quite warming because we’ve had contacts between us for long yet never met before. Despite that, I left him confused and not even remembering his name among my contacts. But as soon we part ways within a minute, he texted me on WhatsApp and I got the name afterwards.

At the fore gate of the same ATU, I was only about to raise my head to check my left and right and this woman was almost in tears. She called me back of which I believed possible she wants a direction. Per approaching her, she spoke Gã and I told her I’m not really okay with it and she spoke Akan and she said” My mother is sick in the hospital. They called me and I am walking to RIDGE Hospital to see her but I am not having any money. I need like 20gh or 30gh so that in case I go and she wants some fruits and stuffs I can buy it for her”. This is what that got me teary because at the moment I had missed my mother’s calls which I knew it’s to remind me of my kid brother’s school fees for a new academic year has begun. I was only having just 20gh which was given to me by my boss in the office. He’s given me despite his usual lunch break he takes me.

I told the woman I am a student and that I just came out from the Campus going to work. I don’t have anything. That’s because If I should give that money out, for sure I must walk from Accra to Pokuase helplessly cos my boss wouldn’t know my plight. She left thanking me but teary. I felt bad for not helping her and my mum’s call came in again which I intentionally missed again. Whilst I almost dropped tears which hurriedly got wiped, I realized my confusion doubled. I felt for the young man and the woman equally now. I felt bad for intentionally missing my mum’s call too.

While thinking of all these I went through yesterday which eventually stabbed my emotions, I told myself in the mirror last night that “Life Must Get Better.” I must grow to fulfill the requirements of these people I met yesterday without judging my pocket and the situations unsolved in my head. For anyone who’s capable, I may not trace contacts of these individuals but please show some love to those on sick beds, strangers and anyone who’s come for help.

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