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River Surowi divides road into 2, travellers stranded on both ends (video)

Road users have been left stranded following the complete cave-in of a road linking Cape Coast to Twifo Praso in the Central Region.

A bridge on the highway that crosses the Surowi River collapsed, dividing the highway in two.

In a video that is making the rounds online, drivers can be seen yelling while they are trapped on each end of the road.

According to several locals, the bridge fell as a result of the river Surowi overflowing its bank, according to

The bridge connects commuters from Dunkwa-On-Offin and Cape Coast to Jukwa, but since it collapsed, the villages it served are now shut off from one another.

According to reports, several vacationers who were planning on visiting the Kakum National Park over the weekend have had to change their plans as a result of the event.


The CEO’s building for Axim Bank, which is rumored to be close to the fallen bridge, was also damaged by the flood. claims that the swiftly moving floodwater washed away the cars that were parked on the house’s grounds.


Along with the road from Cape Coast to Twifo Praso, the route from Cape Coast to Ankaful has also been flooded, stranding travelers.

According to reports, the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) and the Ghana Highway Authority visited the affected districts to determine the degree of the flooding’s damage and then seek for solutions.


In the meanwhile, concerns are raised that further precipitation might make things worse.

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