Residents rush to siphon fuel from tanker after accident

A number of locals in the Pokuase region remained up late to steal petrol from a tanker that was damaged in an accident early on Saturday.

Some locals took advantage of the fact that the tanker had crashed into a ditch along the stretch to steal the contents of the truck.

According to sports writer Saddick Adams’ tweets, locals were racing to the accident scene around 2:30 am to collect petrol in buckets, gallons, and other containers.

“Fire department personnel have just arrived and are attempting to disperse the gathering and maintain order. As you can see, many of them are on the move. In a video posted from the site, he said, “The fire service workers are attempting to drive the people away, but more of them are trying to go closer and siphon the fuel.

The writer claimed that several of the locals, particularly ladies and drivers passing by the area, were attempting to grab some of the petrol.

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