Residents fume over poor roads at Kwabre East

In one of the largest municipalities in the Ashanti Region, practically all of the towns’ roads have deteriorated, making the situation for drivers even worse.

All of the major highways that were being built prior to the 2020 general elections have been abandoned because the contractors fled the sites as soon as the polls were over.

After the constituency continues to cast the biggest number of votes for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in every election, some residents of Antoa and young people from the municipality accused the current administration of denying the people of Kwabre East roads.

“I have lived in this area since infancy, and there have been no renovations at all to the road, which was built during the Rawlings era. We, the residents of Kwabre East, cast many votes for the NPP, yet we receive nothing in return. Poor roads make it difficult for pregnant women to reach medical facilities; some even pass away, according to a local.

Francisca Oteng, a member of parliament for Kwabre East, acknowledged the lack of adequate road infrastructure in the region and stated that attempts were being made to remedy the issues.

“I’m concerned. In addition to the fact that I am the MP, this is where my family and I was raised. Because good things do not come easily, she continued, “I will continue to urge people to be patient and support us so we emerge from the current difficulties.

But in 2019, the resurfacing of several local roads benefited 46 communities in the Kwabre East Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

The MP-funded effort attempted to make community roads that were in bad condition more accessible and motorable.

To stop the dust from harming the locals, the GH150,000 project included leveling the roads and watering them.

The majority of the roads in the Kwabre East’s settlements are now impassable.

In the aftermath of chronic erosion brought on by flowing water, particularly during the rainy season, gullies have also been built adjacent to significant drains in the villages.

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