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Residents are afraid to approach the body of a boy killed by thunder, so it has been left out in the open.

Residents Ho, the Volta Regional capital, where a 17-year-old boy was allegedly struck by lightning, have reportedly left the corpse in the open for fear of suffering spiritual consequences.

It is thought that anybody who approaches the dead body before a ceremony is completed to purify the scene of the occurrence as well as the corpse itself would be hit by thunder or suffer other spiritual consequences.


The corpse was wrapped in plantain leaves when Citi News arrived at the scene on Tuesday, a day after the event, and the metal basin, which was believed to hold the coconuts he was selling, was laying next to him.


It’s unknown who will execute the ceremony and when the deceased’s remains will be removed from the location for an examination and potential burial.

The deceased, Emmanuel Doli, former student of the Sokode Senior High Technical School, died on Monday, May 30 after being hit by lightning while selling coconuts during rainfall.


Rejoice Kwao, his bereaved mother, stated that she was at work when she received call informing her of her son’s death.

“They have been selling coconut for some time now. But today I was at work when I received a call about lightning striking my son. I came here only to see the boy on the floor lifeless. My brother takes care of coconuts for people, so they pluck from him also.

“But I don’t know what happened here. There has never been a problem in his selling. I’m still shocked and can’t understand this happening,” the teary bereaved woman lamented.

Two others who were also affected by the incident were rushed to the hospital where they are reportedly responding to treatment.

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