Rayoe the Dagomba boy: U.S based Ghanaian rapper begins world takeover with ‘Extra’ (video)

Despite being based in America, Rayoe is proud to be a Dagomba guy from a middle-class Ghanaian family with devout and intelligent parents. His pursuit of astronomy and music led him along a singular path that sets him distinct from most of his contemporaries.

His most recent song, “Extra,” was produced by Bug Dinero, a Ghanaian musician who has worked with him for many years. The song uses instrumentation from Morocco and is accompanied by upbeat rhythms and a deep, rolling bass sound. The lively, flamboyant attitude of this bouncy club hip-hop tune is sure to fill the room with music fans in any social environment.

Living back and forth between Accra, Ghana and Harlem, New York during his formative years, Rayoe, whose stage name also serves as an abbreviation for “Rap at your own expense,” hopes to use his music as a conduit linking Ghana to the globe in a more diversified way.

When asked about his new video, he explained that “Extra” was sort of an ode to his West African and Harlem influences, as well as to his style of dressing, jewelry, and personality. When this girl I was dealing with would often exclaim, “Rayoe you so extra,” whenever I did or said something outrageous, the phrase really stayed in my memory.

He continued by saying that everyone’s positive responses to the song following its recording inspired him to release and market it as a single. People are encouraged to create art at the highest level by the Rayoe brand’s mission statement. The rapper said, “Find something you care about and live your life through it.”

Speaking of the official music mentioned above, he revealed how enjoyable the filming of it was. The video includes a cameo appearance by a decorated horse, stunning Moroccan women dancing with a vibrant snake, and drinking Coca-Cola with Arabic text on the bottle, among other oddities.

He discussed a difficulty encountered while filming the video, which was done in the desert outside of town “We had a performance scene in mind that involved swerving a car across the desert, but we ran into trouble when it turned out that the car didn’t have all-wheel drive and became stuck. The scenario could not be saved in time because tow trucks were kilometers distant. We were forced to accept their destiny after a crew member with a vehicle attempted to haul the automobile out at one time but ended up being stranded as well “.

Rayoe continued by discussing some of his biggest difficulties as an artist, such as figuring out how to make a living as an independent artist abroad. The ability to see beyond what is immediately in front of you is a blessing, but having to start over each time you move or change zip codes may be annoying, he added.

Speaking about his passion for fostering possibilities for ties between Ghana and the US. “I hope to use my music platform and the power of hip-hop to push agendas that can help develop and deepen connections between individuals of all backgrounds but especially those of African ancestry,” the speaker concluded. That is where I got the idea for the album’s title, Pangea.

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