Ras Kuku: Ghana is still broke because of the refusal to legalize “marijuana”

The famous musician has admitted that the failure to legalize “wee” is the reason why the nation is still experiencing a financial crisis.

Ras Kukuu defended the importation of products from the small farms the government has been burning by giving an exclusive interview to the Cape Coast-based Kastle FM, which was watched by Modernghana News.

“We are more backward than backwards, if there is such a word, and that is where we find ourselves as a nation, burning huge ganja crops in this modern era where other nations have legalized marijuana.

“Even if we package our marijuana and export it the proceeds can be used to do a lot of roads in Ghana and we’ve been saying this for a long time but one day I know they will say that we are right from the unset,” he noted.

The angry musician said, “We are calling out for money to fix this country because we need it, but we wake up every day to stories of vast marijuana farms being set fire to merely waste away while it can fetch us money.”

He emphasized that “the only thing we can generate money from is marijuana” because “we didn’t receive anything from gold, diamond either, manganese provided us nothing, bauxite gave us the same, lumber and rubber brought us nothing.”

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