Rapper Kodak Black arrested over drug trafficking charge

It has been stated that Kodak Black is in legal difficulties once more.

The Pompano Beach resident was reportedly detained on Friday (July 15) while driving through Fort Lauderdale in a Dodge Durango that authorities deemed to have a touch too much tint.

Officers pulled Kodak stopped because they thought his car smelled like marijuana. When they searched the vehicle, they discovered 31 Oxycodone tablets and $74,960 in cash. He had expired license and tags, according to the police.

He was thus sent to the Broward County Jail. Late on Friday night, Fox reporter Andy Slater tweeted that Kodak was being charged with trafficking.

He stated, “Friday saw the arrest of Kodak Black in South Florida. According to many accounts, police stopped the rapper and discovered more than 30 Oxycodone tablets and over $50,000 in cash during a search.

Kodak Black is accused of trafficking, various sources tell me, he continued.

Kodak Black’s rap career has been dogged by legal issues for years. In reality, if a presidential pardon hadn’t been granted to him, he most likely would still be behind bars.

Lil Wayne and Kodak were both granted pardons by Donald Trump in January 2021, enabling for their quick release from jail.

Trump pardoned rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black who were charged with federal firearms violations as well as former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was serving a 28-year jail term for corruption charges, according to a senior administration official, Shepardson tweeted at the time.

Since then, Kodak has grown to love Trump, Even though administrations are only allowed to last for eight years, he stated earlier this month that Trump should run for reelection in 2024 and hold onto power for as long as possible.

He posted on Instagram, saying, “We need Trump to be president forever, man. Just like how the presidents of China, Russia, and Korea are muthafuckas. You heard me right: Trump is unquestionably the finest thing for America. Even if he didn’t release me, I admire the boy’s reasoning, strategy, and overall overview.

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