Putin: Russia has not lost anything over actions in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, declared on Wednesday that as a result of its military campaign in Ukraine, Russia had not suffered any losses.

Speaking at an economic symposium in Vladivostok, a city in far-eastern Russia, he claimed that all of Russia’s initiatives were intended to increase the country’s sovereignty and to “assist people” living in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine.

Putin declared, “We have not lost anything, and we will not lose anything.” The major benefit, in terms of what we have received, has been the strengthening of our sovereignty, I can say.

Putin did acknowledge, though, that Moscow’s choice to send soldiers into Ukraine has brought up “some polarization, both internationally and domestically.”

On February 24, Russia launched tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine as part of what it described as a special operation to weaken the military power of its southern neighbor and flush out individuals it deemed to be dangerous nationalists.

Russia’s claims have been rejected by Western nations as an effort to justify a land grab.

Following Moscow’s military intervention, the West imposed a wave of sanctions that drove up the cost of food and energy.

All of our efforts, according to Putin, are directed toward assisting the residents of Donbas. “This is our obligation, and we’ll complete it completely. In the end, both our nation’s internal strength and its foreign policy stances will be strengthened by this.

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