PURC – We’re working closely with ECG to resolve power interruption.

For the previous few days, people in some areas of the country have lamented their inability to add credit to their prepaid meters. Some business owners have also bemoaned how the difficulty has affected their everyday operations.

However, ECG has reassured people that attempts are being made to reestablish electricity connectivity.

Simon Ali, the PURC’s public relations officer, stated that the Commission is in contact with ECG to prevent a repeat of the incident in the future.

“We have given the commission’s employees the responsibility of keeping an eye on the issue throughout all ECG operational locations and reporting back to the commission so that additional action can be done regarding the unfortunate event.

The Commission and the service providers are also in discussions to develop a number of steps to stop future instances of the predicament we find ourselves in today, the official added.

The intermittent power outage was attributed to a technical issue by ECG on Tuesday, and the company is putting up a lot of effort to find a solution.

After a system outage that left consumers stranded, the electric service provider is now able to sell credit at its district offices.

Customers can currently buy electricity at ECG district offices in the Greater Accra, Central, Eastern, Western, and Volta Regions.

Customers on ECG’s prepaid metering systems were reassured in a statement that the company’s team was “working gradually to rectify the technical anomaly which hampered the purchase of electricity.”

Others electrical users have started calculating their losses, and some claim that their businesses have suffered as a result of being unable to buy electricity.

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