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Public universities labour unions threaten strike over condition of service

Their requests for this year, which they claim have been delayed, include the Vehicle Maintenance and Off-Campus Allowance, the Online Teaching Support Allowance, and the Book and Research Allowance.

The four unions claim that the government is withholding payments for things like book and research allowances.

The unions expressed their opinion at a press conference in Accra, saying that their working circumstances had been excessively altered behind their backs with the purpose of applying the same conditions selectively without their knowledge.

They claim that doing this violates the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding they signed on June 16, 2021.

The concerned labor unions are warning their entire membership to maintain composure and steadfastness and to fight any attempts by the employer to change the terms of their agreed-upon Conditions of Service without following the proper procedures. The Unions also use this opportunity to urge the Employer to exercise caution because, while we don’t relish upsetting the academic schedule, we won’t hesitate to do so if necessary. Teaching and related activities will thus be discontinued on all campuses as of Wednesday, October 5, 2022, unless the Employer immediately withdraws its intention to change our conditions of service, they stated during a press conference.

Last but not least, the heads of the teaching unions urged their members to maintain composure and steadfastness, stressing that they would fight any attempt by the employer to change the conditions of their agreed-upon Conditions of Service without due procedure.

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