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Prisoners get TV sets to watch World Cup after Ataa Ayi’s appeal (video)

A request made by notorious prisoner Raymond Ayittey, also known as Ataa Ayi, resulted in the donation of television sets and other equipment to the jail.

Three 43-inch televisions, a lawnmower, and two computers were all gifts to the prison from the non-profit Crime Check Foundation.


Ataa Ayi’s request for the goods several years ago struck Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, executive director of the organization, and he made the decision to seek money for their acquisition.

“So, during my most recent visit, Atta Ayi informed me that one donation they would greatly like is if they could acquire a television set so they could watch the matches.

In a video posted on the foundation’s YouTube page, Kwarteng is heard saying, “They also added that if I could provide them a mowing machine and laptops, they would forever be grateful.”

He continued by thanking businessman Stephen Ofosu Agyare for funding the gesture, which he said will significantly improve the convicts’ quality of life.

The administration of the Ankaful prison commended the Crime Check Foundation for the kind act and invited other charitable groups and people to focus their attention on the treatment center.

The donors were given assurances by the prison administration that the products would be used as intended.

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