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Prisoner on death row shivers as he eats last meal before he’s killed (video)

A humbling video of an alleged prisoner on death row eating his last meal before he is killed has emerged and left many people in a state of sadness.

The man is seen in the video straining to get what looks to be grains and beans as his hands tremble ferociously.

He is seen in the video moving his face sporadically to look at what appears to be cops standing behind him, clearly terrified of the doom that awaits him after the meal.

Many social media users expressed regret after seeing the video and questioned if the purported felon actually had an appetite for the meal or was simply eating for the purpose of it.

The footage was posted on Instagram by Saintavenue ent1, which added the following caption: “Oh my God! Words spoken in public Is this death row inmate eating his final supper before being put to death? He is shaking because he is aware that death is staring him in the face. God, please pardon him for his misdeeds. Crime Doesn’t Pay.””

According to a related account, a Ghanaian motor cab driver who had been in detention legally for more than five years on murder accusations sobbed openly after being spared the death penalty.

Bright Nana Owusu alias Gyamfi was freed and declared not guilty by the Criminal Division of the High Court in Accra.

If a person is found guilty of murder, they will get the death penalty. On the day of the verdict, a seven-member jury panel, according to, unanimously returned a not guilty verdict to the court.


According to the news website, Mohammed Yahaya was killed at Oboum crossroads in Kwabenya in July 2017 as a result of a misunderstanding between Owusu and another man, David Nii Aryee alias Shainu, who had previously been let free.


After the court presided over by Her Ladyship Justice Mary Maame Ekue Yanzuh declared the suspect free of the allegations brought against him by the state, the suspect, who obviously expected to receive a death sentence, was unable to contain his emotions.

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