Popular Kumawood actress addresses accusations she used ‘juju’ on her husband

Gloria Opambour Ama Agyemang, a well-known actress in Kumawood, has addressed some old rumors that she uses sorcery and black magic to strengthen herself and keep her marriage together.

The actress, who has been wed for more than ten years and resides in the UK, called the accusations offensive and a character assassination.


Gloria stated she is her husband’s peace and the reason he continually shows her love during Saturday’s episode of Adom TV’s Okukuseku. Gloria was speaking to the show’s host Emelia Brobbey.

She continued by saying that since she comes from Atwima Techiman and was raised in a traditional, conservative home in Bantama where women are taught how to please and placate their husbands, it should come as no surprise that she is doing a fantastic job at her domestic duties.

Gloria responded to the allegations by saying that a close friend who had become her sister had been given permission to enter her marital house and began the rumor.

She said that the accuser made the claims in front of her husband, his friends, and the parents whose children she was watching.

She said that I am a witch and that I have tied my husband with a spell by putting “juju” in his food while I was watching their children. She even went so far as to claim that I wear black waist beads and that my pastor had predicted that my nemesis will soon catch up with me and drive me insane.

“I did not know she had said all that to the people before they came to my house so I just offered them my bedroom to change their clothes and told them to feel at home. While everyone was changing, she[accuser] moved straight to my kitchen to eat my food. She was comfortable eating the food of someone she just called a witch,” she said.

Gloria claimed she kept the ‘traitor’ in her home up until the information became public because she was not aware of the full allegations.

She claimed that it took a miscommunication between some of her other friends for her to learn about the defamatory remarks her friend turned sister was disseminating.

The actress is grateful that God upheld her, but she has learned the harsh lesson not to put too much faith in others and to be constantly watchful of her friends.



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