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Police Trasacco pursuit is alleged Landguard tycoon

A bench warrant has been obtained by the Ghana Police Service for the arrest of Morris Ian of Trasacco Limited, who is accused of funding landguard operations in Accra.

According to the authorities, Mr. Ian hired several suspects to engage in unlawful activity in some areas of the capital in connection with landguard, and those individuals were later detained.

However, police refuted allegations that its agents had broken into Ernesto Taricone’s home while working for Trassaco Limited.

The Police said in a statement on Sunday, August 28 that “the facts are that Police conducted investigation into alleged landguard activities at Adjiriganor, a suburb of Accra which led to the arrest of five suspects; Akuribilla Annanfo, Razak Seidu, Abdulla Abdul Fatau, Baah Samuel, and Francis Agbevedor, and the retrieval of a Mossberg pump action gun from them.”

“The suspects were charged with conspiracy to commit crime and engaging in land guard activities and were arraigned before Circuit Court 9 in Accra on August 26, 2022. They were placed in police custody by the court and ordered to appear again on August 30, 2022.

“During the course of the inquiry, it was discovered that the suspects’ unlawful activities were contracted out to Mr. Morris Ian of Trasacco Limited. As a result, the court issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

“The police went to Mr. Ernesto Taricone’s home to carry out the warrant after receiving information that the suspect was there. When the police arrived at the house, they knocked on the door, and someone answered, telling them that Ian Morris wasn’t there at the time. Morris received a message from the police telling him to come to the station.

Police will keep looking for him in order to carry out the Bench Warrant.

Since the Police Service does not have commandos, we thus urge the public to dismiss and treat with disdain the illegitimate allegations of forced entry against the police.

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