Police officer collapses, carried away on stretcher during Queen’s funeral

While on duty in London for the Queen’s funeral, a police officer passed out and had to be taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

Just before the procession marched down the Mall, the cop passed out. Close to Parliament Square, he stumbled forward.

Just as the Queen’s coffin arrived, medical personnel hurriedly removed him on a stretcher.

Although his health is still unknown, it is not believed to be grave.

It happens after a royal guard protecting the Queen’s casket on Thursday collapsed and tumbled from the podium.

A few minutes before the Queen’s casket arrived, medical personnel rushed the officer away on a stretcher ( Image: REUTERS)
As he dropped to the ground, there were gasps from the mourners, which were captured on camera.

A group of guards were starting to switch off their responsibilities when it happened, and one of them appeared to be trembling before falling a few seconds later.

Before the video abruptly ended and switched to pictures of the Houses of Parliament, two police officers could be seen rushing over to grab him.

A shocked spectator tweeted: “He must’ve been so overwhelmed with what was occurring.” Shocked watchers also turned to social media.

Another person chimed in, saying, “Bless him – just happened to tune in; saw he was a bit shaky and feared he’d faint. I wish him well.

St. John’s Ambulance Service reports that at least 259 people received assistance from their employees while waiting in line to visit Queen Elizabeth II lying-in-state on Saturday. Hundreds more people required medical attention while waiting to see her.

The London Ambulance Service was kept busy providing medical assistance to people waiting in line or visiting the spot to pay their respects as nighttime temperatures dipped as low as 4C.

According to the organization, 19 of the 403 persons who needed medical assistance on Saturday in London’s “ceremonial regions” were sent to a hospital.

Nine of the 98 people who needed their assistance in the early hours of Sunday morning, from midnight to 7am, were sent to the hospital.

Thousands of charity volunteers have shown up to assist during the time of national grief.

Additionally, the organization is offering medical coverage in Windsor, where a sizable crowd has gathered every day since the Queen passed away.

Hundreds of mourners in the crowds have so far required assistance.

During the state burial in London and Windsor, some 1,000 St. John Ambulance volunteers will be working, including 800 who will be on hand to offer medical and first aid support.

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