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Police chase GNFS personnel over recruitment scam

Police in the area are looking for a member of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) at Nalerigu in the North East Region for allegedly defrauding five people.

According to allegations, Mark Akana, also known as “Apostle,” stole 20,000 under the pretense of assisting their recruitment into the security services.


Police sources claim that in 2021, the suspect identified himself as the Fire Service commander with protocol spots available to recruit people for a price.

The victims were allegedly forced to mobilize 4,000 each and transferred to him through a merchant mobile money account after expressing interest in the protocol recruitment.

The employee, however, abandoned their pledge to deliver after collecting the money and has since disappeared.

As a result, the police have listed him as sought, and the GNFS in Nalerigu, where he works, has received an official complaint against him.

Today, Monday, November 21, a meeting with the regional commander of the Fire Service is anticipated between police investigators and the victims to discuss the case.

Apostle Mark Akana could not dispute the claims when reached at the police-provided phone number, but he refused to disclose any information regarding his defense and the connection was disconnected.

He stated that he will call back later but never did. His phone rang several times after that, but no one answered.

Alhassan Yidana, the Regional Administrator of the Fire Service, claimed that the Regional Commander, his superior, had not yet been made aware of the situation.

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