People mistake me for Nigerian but I enjoy the attention – Camidoh

Camidoh, on the other hand, views this mistaken identification as the people’s true expression of affection, and he embraces the attention that comes with it.

“People still mistake me for a Nigerian. I believe it’s wonderful that some people think I’m from Kenya. It’s acceptable since it appears as though they are paying attention to you because they even look at you or study you and have an opinion about you. It seems as though they are just speculating about you because they love you. So it’s all right.

The “Sugarcane” hitmaker also discussed his preference for song topics, saying that while some people, including his mother, have urged him to write songs on social issues like galamsey, he likes to write songs about life and love.

He likes to talk about those topics since, in his opinion, he loves LOVE and life is similarly lovely when you see it differently with all the nice things.

“I feel like I write songs about real-life events and stuff like that. I recall writing a song about decision-making. I produce everything of that nature. But I don’t think I will in terms of progress. I only write songs when I’m motivated to. And I believe that God places various objectives in the hearts of various people. So I create it when I’m blessed with a particular topic. He spoke


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