Pastor caught on camera stealing 18 laptops, other gadgets from his own church

A Zimbabwean pastor was found guilty of theft and given a three-year prison term after being caught on video stealing from his own church.

Adolf Lwazi Moyo, a pastor, was discovered robbing his own church. After a thorough trial, a Harare magistrate convicted him guilty of stealing.

Since six months of Moyo’s sentence were suspended on the condition that he maintain good behavior, he must be giving thanks to God for saving him from a jail term.

Another year was put on hold with the requirement that he repay the church ZW$1 million, and the remaining 18 months were deferred if he completed 630 hours of community service at the Warren Park police station.

The Magistrate cited such behavior as being unworthy of a man of cloth while imposing Moyo’s punishment.

Following a break-in at the Apostles of Christ Church where he stole items worth over $13,000, Moyo was charged with two counts of theft.

When he appeared before Harare Magistrate Notcia Shenje, he entered a plea of guilty to the accusations. After entering a guilty plea, Moyo was remanded in detention for punishment.

The Apostles of Christ’s doors were sealed on July 11 of this year, according to testimony in court, and the Zoom meeting systems were set up with the expectation that the meeting would start the following day.

But previously, he made an appearance to take a number of electrical devices, including 18 computers and television sets.

Moyo also acknowledged that he had stolen a television from an adjacent legal office.

On July 19, he was taken into custody by the police. He willingly provided information that helped the authorities retrieve some of the stolen technology.

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